Anneke Kuyper - Printmaker
lijnets en gravure van Anneke Kuyper getiteld Tussen twee Werelden
This print is about a friend, who passed away.

It is called Farewell, a farewell to this world, on the border of another unknown world.

The window frame as a borderline, with inside the woman. She is real and everything else is just a mirror image. She is leaving this world in melancholic retrospect.

I was looking for a way to express the souring of the soul, by way of a bird, perhaps a dove, but I could not find a place in the composition, so I left it out.

I put myself to work by means of a pencil drawing and pressed it into the soft wax (=vernis-mou) on the plate.
That helped me to find the subtle tonevalues in the print. Then comes the etching, and everything becomes more concrete.
This will all be done in several stages and every time the plate has to be printed to see the result. When all this has been done, the plate will be cleaned to become ready for the engraving. This process gives great refinement and subtlety. Because, just now, you can see exactly what you are doing, and that brings you very close. It makes you very much involved.

Somewhere along the way the print proceeds and look, all of a sudden there was the bird! It appeared in the hat and happened to be an eagle. Just like she was herself.
Between two Worlds (2010), Vernis-mou, echting and engraving.
39,3 cm × 22,3 cm.