Anneke Kuyper - Printmaker
reliefets, lijnets en gravure van Anneke Kuyper getiteld Morpho Eugenia
This story was written at the beginning of the last century and tells us about a 'butterfly-hunter', who traveled through the South American jungle for English collectors.
This hunter or scientist gets into a love affair of dark dimensions.
This is the night-butterfly, a symbol of secretive and forbidden love.

Some prints demand a lot of work. I make them three or more times and over and over again! Underneath this etching used to be another portrait, which did not satisfy me, so I removed it and used the plate for an experiment.

There is a technique that results in a kind of “relief” etching. At first you etch the lines in the plate, then you remove the wax from the plate. The etched lines are then filled with wax.
Subsequently the plate is submerged in a highly concentrated iron-chloride solution, that etches the surface away. This leaves the "waxlines" raised, as a relief.

Afterwards I finished the new portrait.
Morpho Eugenia, after S.A. Byatt, Angels and Insects (2008),
Vernis-mou, relief-etchting, line-etching and engraving.
32,6 cm × 21,5 cm.