Anneke Kuyper - Printmaker
lijnets en kopergravurevan Anneke Kuyper getiteld Carnaval
It had been 15 years since I made the last miniature print and there I was back again.
It became a bit larger, but it gave me tremendous joy! I just returned from a real-life Carnival in Maastricht, a lovely parade of Renaissance costumes, just my kind of thing!

When the print was finished, I recognized the meaning clearly. My younger sister had just died and there was this strong connection between us in the last year. Just look at the two masks, bending into eachother.

The female figure in the front looks at the child, and their shared youth.
The owl? Maybe the mysterious wisdom of destiny, what do we know?

The dancing crowd knows nothing, does not want to know anything. Death does not exist. But look! All the little balloons ascent to heaven, unnoticed. Yes, later, unnoticed, always unexpected.
Carnaval (2010), vernis-mou, line-etching and copper-engraving.
15 cm × 12,8 cm.