Anneke Kuyper - Printmaker
pastel van Anneke Kuyper getiteld Vossenvrouw
A still life: a shop windowfigure, dressed up with fox-fur and a mask against a purple red curtain.
During the workprocess, this background came alive with many creatures; snakes, alligators and birds flying up.
A bit frightening, I must say. But sometimes a work speaks with it's own voice, it follows it's own purpose and you end up being very surprised.
"Oh! hallo, is this what you want to do? Alright, I'll come along with you!"

This pastel has been worked on, reworked and reworked several times, a true battle with the material.
Pastel is a material that exist mainly in middle and very light tones and colours.
There is hardly any TRUE dark, exept of course black but black does not blend easy, untill I discovered that the ”grains” coming about, when you sharpen your pencils , blend perfectly into any tone value one could desire.
In this way I found the beautiful deep colours , fit for this subject.
The Fox Woman (2008/10), Gouache and pastel,
54 cm × 41 cm.