Anneke Kuyper - Printmaker
pastel van Anneke Kuyper getiteld Roverbruidegom
A fairytale by Grimm, one of those stories that made a great impression on me when I was a child.
A very gruesome story, ending well, all the same.

Sometimes you borrow, without being aware of it, the attributes of a story from the collective unconsciousness, archetypes, not even necessary from your own culture.

In this case they come from Tibet: the pig, the cock and the snake express Samsara; human fate, all the struggle and danger, the difficult way through many reïncarnations.

I chose the title because of the atmosphere. The innocent girl wandering through the wood, a real forest where you could be lost forever, where the birds do not sing and evil is tangible present.
She is meant to be slaughtered and eaten like an animal of sacrifice.
Fortunately, this does not happen!
Robber bridegroom, after Grimm (2009), Gouache and pastel.
28 cm × 21,5 cm.