Anneke Kuyper - Printmaker
pastel van Anneke Kuyper getiteld Lucifer of Vuurvogel
Lucifer crashes down, he dissolves, heavy sin like a stone around his neck.
Yet he laughs in his dying-hour, he knows how absolute necessary his existence has been, nobody has to tell him!

He dissolves in flames, like a pheoenix, to rise from the ashes.
No longer Lucifer, but indeed, who can tell? Transformed.

Here, I used a technique for the surface of the painting that I learned from previous Icon-painting.
First apply a layer of gesso, a grounding material, on a wooden surface.
Then, while it is still wet, a cotton cloth, then proceed with the next layer of gesso.
In this way, the whole surface becomes part of the image, giving it a naturel, subtle “alive” tone.
Lucifer or Phoenix (2008), gouache and pastel, 31 cm × 31 cm.