Anneke Kuyper - Printmaker
pastel van Anneke Kuyper getiteld Fata Morgana
A fantasy. An experience, that everything is transitory, that all matter dissolves, like we do ourselves. The woman looks up, reflective, lost in memory. The bird skeleton? God knows, I can only guess. Power all the same, in all disfigurement still lives a warlike spirit. Maybe that kind of power is born precisely because of the blows life delivers you. Loss and sadness, the continuing farewells.

During the workprocess I discovered the different possibilities, that painting had taught me and which were good to combine with pastel.
I started to make a monochrome painting in gouache-material on a dark surface. Then I continued by using pastel. That turned out to be a very familiar way of doing things.

The old masters had very sound reasons to proceed this way; the primery painting gave them a solid base, which enabeled them to use colour in the next stage without any problems. So, I used the same principles on pastel, with good results.
From that moment on I felt completely at ease with pastel, it gave me great freedom.
Fata Morgana (2008), Gouache and pastel, 30 cm × 27 cm.