Anneke Kuyper - Printmaker
pastel van Anneke Kuyper getiteld Dagdromen
A still life, a little doll on a chair.
The curtain has a dream, it becomes a tropical jungle with poisonous flowers, the chair a swamp.
The doll sleeps with open eyes.

This was the first moment, giving me a feeling and affection for pastel as a technic.
Years Ago I had tried my hand on it, but it gave me nothing but a lot of frustration!

That’s the way It is sometimes.

The chalk was just everywhere, in my clothes,on the floor,in my hear…! And the chalk on the paper was no good! If you wanted to keep the drawing ,by using fixative, anything a bit nice disappeared. The pencils and chalk broke in my hands, and the material was so “airborn” that if you so much as coughed , your drawing ended on the floor…. It seemed a quite hopeless business!
But this time I started from a whole new angle and everything succeded quite well.
Daydreaming, doll against a curtain (2007)
Gouache and pastel,
37 cm × 25,5 cm.