Anneke Kuyper - Printmaker
Anneke Kuyper is one of the few printmakers in the Netherlands with great dedication for the profession and the old traditions.

During her education at the Art Academy in Breda, she specialized in the old technique of copper-engraving. Later, she performed in other printmaking techniques, like etching.

Quite recently she studied the old masters, to learn about their particular painting methods,
Which resulted in a collection of sensitive paintings and pastels. She feels that the quest for the crafts of long disappeared technics, centuries ago,

and the search to find perfection as such, resembles an almost alchemistic happening.
Reading the old books, the endless repetition of the tests, gives one the opportunity of the adventure of experiment.

The works of Anneke Kuyper contain etchings of a large size, but also engraved minatures, sought after by exlibris collectors all over the world. In this particular world her name has a meaning.

Her work can be found in the collections of the “Rijksprentenkabinet” of the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam and “the museum het Rembrandthuis” in Amsterdam.


Courtisane (1981), Vernis-mou en line-etching, 31 cm × 25 cm.