Curriculum vitae
Anneke Kuyper - Printmaker
Anneke Kuyper was born in The Haque in 1942.

1985 - 1963. Education at the Art-Academie St. Joost in Breda, three years of painting and drawing and two years copper-engraving after mythological and biblical themes.

1963 - 1964. Exchange-Scholarship for the High Institute for Art, in Antwerp, Belgium.
Department of printmaking, with Professor Hendricks.

1964 - 1967. Scholarship for the ”Rijksacademie voor Beeldende Kunsten” in Amsterdam.
Departement printmaking. Etching and Copper engraving under tutelage (voogdij) of Prof. Brinks.

1966 - Received the “Willem F.C. Urio"t price for Printmaking.

1966 - 19617. Traveling and studying in Greece, Turkey and Marrocco.

1967 - 1968. Exchange scholarship for the “Academie des Beaux Arts” in Paris, deartement of Printmaking.

1969. Teaching at the “Famous Art School” in Monte Carlo.

1971 - 1975. Teaching at the departement Printmaking of the “Academie voor Beeldende Kunsten” Amsterdam
Education for teachers in art and drawing.

From 1975. Working as a printmaker.
Regular exhibitions in Holland, Belgium, Germany, Polen, Australia and Russia.
1978 - 1981. Teaching at the Royal Art - Academy in s'Hertogenbosch, at the classes for  Anatomical Drawing, Portrait, Nude studies and Still life drawing.
Study of the Human figure and Animal-drawing. Work at the dissecting room of the Anatomical Laboratory of the university of Amsterdam.

1982 - 1983. Scientific illustrator of the book
“Anatomy in vivo for the locomotive system” by B.Gerritsen and Y. Heerkens.

1982 - 1992 Teaching Printmaking and Painting, after literary themes, at the “Hoge School Voor Beeldende Kunsten” (Art Academy) in Utrecht.

From 1983. Many years of miniature prints for the Collectors of Small Prints and Ex-Libris in Holland and abroad.

1985. First Price for Gravure at the International Ex Libris contest in St. Niklaas in Belgium.

From 1993. Study and training as a painter according to the methods and technics of the Dutch and Flemish Painters of the 15e and 16e century.

From 2008. Working with pastel and gouache, in combined techniques.
Anneke Kuyper lives and works in Amsterdam.
Her prints are in collection of the Rijksmuseum and museum het Rembrandthuis in Amsterdam.